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Resourcing and Outsourcing Specialists

  • Multiple arrangements for outsourced services and resourcing.
  • Strong network for acquiring talent.
  • Focus on business impact linked service levels as opposed to generic service levels.

Significant Expertise in the Manufacturing & Process industry

  • We understand the unique requirements of the industry –infrastructure, applications and data.
  • We understand the business processes and capabilities.
  • We are experts at bridging the gaps between capability requirements and technology.

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Extremely Strong Partner Network

  • We are a one stop partner who provide a single point of accountability for all requirements.
  • We have tied up with a number of partners who specialise in a variety of technical skills – this allows us to seamlessly provide a large number of skills.

Reliability and Process Thoroughness

  • We consider ourselves to be Partners not Providers. The success of the Enterprise is our primary objective.
  • We work with the Enterprise’s processes, giving inputs where needed but not trying to re-invent the wheel – the Enterprise knows its business the best.
  • Our years of experience working within the Industry has taught us one thing – the only way we succeed is for the Enterprise to succeed in its objectives.


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