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Strategy Consulting

Helping Enterprises identify and define where to focus the technologies needed to achieve the overall business strategy and objectives

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We help enterprises ‘Go Digital’ by developing a Digital Business strategy. Technology is constantly evolving and now more than ever, the lines between technology, people and the business (processes) are blurring. We work with the business to identify opportunities to leverage technology in all aspects of the business to create new business models and customer experiences with the objective of business growth.

Alongside this, we also help enterprises identify and understand how IT can help deliver their business objectives over a two to three year horizon – capturing these within an IT strategy. In addition to the business capabilities required, this strategy also lays down principles around the three facets of IT - technology, processes and operating model.

We further work with the enterprise to produce a detailed IT roadmap providing department wise gaps, plans and risks. These also include high level cost estimates benchmarked against the industry standards further helping the enterprise in prioritising/finalising their IT budgets. The biggest benefit to the enterprise, from this work, is the visibility of how IT investment enables the business objectives and helps deliver the business strategy along with the impact analysis of not doing anything.

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IT Resourcing

Helping Enterprises fulfil their demand for skilled resources

We help enterprises with their short term and/or long term requirements for skilled resources by identifying the right talent, sourcing (if required) and placing them with the enterprises on a contractual basis.

This allows the enterprise to focus on its core competency with its employees working towards enhancing and delivering the business requirements with the pure technical skills being delivered by the contractual resources. Further, the accountability for retention of the employee’s falls onto us as in today’s fast changing technology landscape, IT technical resources prefer to work for IT companies as it provides them the breadth of technical knowledge as opposed to a non IT company.

Our model is to supplement the enterprise’s existing resources – our resources work remotely from our offices, we do not place our resources onsite. This provides a significant cost advantage as well as ensures stability of the resource as it does not depend upon any governmental immigration policies.

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Business Solutions

Helping Enterprises identify solutions to address business process requirements or alleviate problems within existing processes

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We help enterprises with the identification of requirements, translating these into a business case with identified cost benefits and upon management approval deliver the solution through to routine operations.

We have a strong business engagement background, built upon a solid understanding of the manufacturing and process industry. As such, our knowledge of the best practices in the various processes helps us in clearly understanding the pain areas enabling us to recommend solutions to address these.

Our approach is to gain a holistic understanding of the enterprise’s processes and technology landscape. This allows us to objectively review the pain areas and recommend the optimum solution irrespective of whether a technology investment is needed or not. We do not believe in blindly offering a technology solution to a problem - often, a change to an existing business process is all that might be required to address a solution. We believe in alleviating a pain area in a manner that provides the maximum benefit to the enterprise.

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Cloud Consulting

Helping Enterprises to leverage the Cloud

We help enterprises identify and understand how the Cloud can be leveraged to improve efficiency, reduce costs and accommodate rapid growth in line with the Business and IT strategy.

Adoption of cloud computing can help enterprises reduce operational expenses, boost innovation and mobility and realize their strategic IT objectives faster. However, moving to the cloud is a significant IT decision—one that can have far reaching implications on the general IT strategy, future IT technology acquisitions, regulatory obligations, resourcing and eventual business objectives realisation.

While the Cloud can be a direct fit for some scenarios (e.g. e-mail), there are a number of scenarios where a thorough analysis on the benefits and risks of using the Cloud is required. We help enterprises through this decision making process from understanding the opportunity to evaluating the risks to deciding their cloud strategy and subsequent roadmap to the technology decision.

We also help with the migration to the Cloud as required by the roadmap.

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Infrastructure Solutions

Helping Enterprises deploy and manage a resilient and robust Infrastructure

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We help enterprises design and deploy a robust infrastructure to support their business needs. IT infrastructure must deliver effective, reliable end to end solution so as to allow the business to operate smoothly. Further, the infrastructure must be scalable so as to account for future growth while ensuring that it remains obsolescence proof.

From large scale Data Centres to End user computing, we cover the entire portfolio and based on the need of the enterprise, provide the optimum solution. Some elements that we specialise in, cover, Data Centre consolidation and moves, Server/storage design, sourcing and build (including virtualisation and hyper-convergence), network management and end user compute sourcing, build and deployment.

We also provide onsite/remote support and management services for all infrastructure solutions taking care of operations and managing these on the behalf of enterprises. These include level 1 to level 3 support (help desk, desk side, server & storage support and network management) and typically cover routine maintenance (patching and upgrades), backup management (including testing), network operations and any builds required as a part of routine operations.

This helps enterprises improve the efficiency and cost predictability of their IT operations thereby freeing up the enterprise to focus on the core business.

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